CELLRETURN BD2 Sonic Face Cleanser


CELLRETURN BD2 Sonic Face Cleanser

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The all-new CELLRETURN BD2 - the most compact and powerful facial pore cleanser on the market.

Bringing you the clear and healthy beautiful K-Skin glow


  • No charging required
  • Replaceable batteries (lithium battery)
  • 0.8mm fine silicone brushes making it suitable for all skin types and are 35x more hygienic than any brushes with nylon bristle
  • Portable pocket size, carry it and fit it in your soap bag (61x70.5x28mm)
  • Use for face and neck, even decolletage and back (those with ‘bacne’) in the shower or bath
  • BD2 delivers 11,000 pulsations per minute – more than anything else in the market! Therefore, better cleanse, better skin!
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Easy to use – just insert finger (finger activation) using magnetic band
  • One mode so it’s not confusing
  • Clean BD2 with warm water and soap after use and dry with towel or lint-free cloth