We chose to work with CELLRETURN because they are the pioneer in LED technology and they made the very first LED Face Mask. Opera LED Mask known worldwide for its efficacy was manufactured and supplied to GTG Wellness (Lebody) by CELLRETURN. This is why we completely trust their technology and company. There is no middleman in between as we liaise directly with the team in South Korea (almost on a daily basis) to keep updated on their innovations and creations!

CELLRETURN is not a distributor company but the manufacturer themselves. Anyone can put their name to products these days including on creams, shampoos and LED masks through white labelling. CELLRETURN are definitely not white labelled like many other LED masks in the UK, which carries a brand or person's name and they don't disclose who the original manufactures are or just a distribution company that carries many other brands too. These products become 'popular' because they are named after a celebrity beautician or even a celebrity doctor who haven't the R&D support and experience themselves but pay to white label the products with some input. At CELLRETURN, they are the ones who manufactures the products through their own team of Research and Development (R&D) so there is a clear traceability especially when it is something that we use on our skin for beauty and health.

When we discovered CELLRETURN in South Korea, we instantly knew we had to bring CELLRETURN to the UK after seeing how it was different from all the others and how effective these products are. We were amazed by the company, their ethics and technology. CELLRETURN holds many patents and awards for their devices.

The company was founded by Mr Kim Il Soo in 2006, who was trying to treat his own hair loss using LED technology. The R&D core team is made up of 20 scientists, engineers and consultant doctors. CELLRETURN has an independent medical advisory committee to ensure its safety and efficacy. Mr Kim and his team are dedicated to research to ensure what you have is a safe and effective top of the range device. CELLRETURN is also the first to have earned a patent for promoting effective wavelength in Korea.

"CELLRETURN does not compromise your safety or its efficacy to bring you the BEST in LED Technology."