Hair Alpha-RAY FAQ

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Yes, please wash your hair and scalp thoroughly with shampoo and dry them fully before using the Hair Alpha-Ray.
If your hair serum contains any ingredient that reacts to light, apply after Hair Alpha-Ray. We also have a special Hair Serum to make your treatment even more effective.
Science behind CELLRETURN Hair Alpha-Ray The CELLRETURN Hair Alpha-Ray works by combining two different Near Infrared (NIR) wavelengths and Red wavelength to penetrate deeper into the scalp as well as preventing reflection of the rays and ensuring the lights are absorbed fully to be efficacious. Previous LLLT devices was not as effective because the lights were reflected by the hair. The rays are safe and will help by increasing the level of oxygenation and nutrition to the hair roots, stimulating and strengthening their growth. Hair Alpha-Ray with its dual infrared technology stimulates hair growth, promotes healing and cell renewal.
Yes, it will fit any head size with its flexible side wings to ensure full contact with your hair and scalp.
Hair Alpha-Ray is suitable for hair loss or hair thinning due to stress, tension, hormonal changes and Alopecia Androgentica (AGA) type hair loss. In research done by the scientists in South of 50 participants (25 women and 25 men), suffering with mild to moderate Alopecia Androgenetica (AGA) type hair loss (both male and female pattern baldness), using the Hair Alpha Ray for 20 minutes a day for 6 months, showed that:- • Hair density improved by 15% in 12 weeks and 25% in 24 weeks. • Hair thickness improved by 10% in 12 weeks and 15% in 24 weeks.
Unfortunately, you will have to have hair and hair follicles for the hair to re-grow
Yes, the Hair Alpha-Ray can help with treating inflammed and itchy scalp. The rays help with stimulation of the scalp and hair roots as well as regulating the hair sebum and conditions on the scalp to keep a healthy scalp.
Yes, in conjunction with anti-dandruff shampoo, the Hair Alpha-Ray can relieve you of the symptoms associated with dandruff as well as maintaining the health of you hair and scalp.
Yes, the CELLRETURN Hair Alpha-Ray has been through various safety checks. The patented alpha NIR ray was selected because of its efficacy and safety. Only CELLRETURN has this unique patented ray derived from NASA technology
The Hair Alpha-Ray can be used daily for a maximum of 20 minutes. In fact, it recommended to use it daily for best results.
It is as easy as putting the Hair Alpha-Ray helmet on, turn on the power with one click of a button and selecting the mode from soft, normal to power mode.
Yes, you can choose from 3 intensity with automated voice guide from power (full strength) to normal (medium) and soft (low) mode with the press of a button.
You can use your regular shampoo and hair care products but you can also use CELLRETURN’s hair shampoo and hair serum to maximise the effect of the Hair Alpha-Ray.
No, your hair will not suddenly fall out. Depending on the root cause of your hair loss, the Hair Alpha-Ray helps to keep your hair strong and healthy. You may choose to use it for a treatment period and then use it again for maintenance depending on the severity of your hair loss or hair thinning.
Results are seen within 6 weeks of use but it is recommended to have 6 months of continuous use to see a good result.
Yes, the Hair Alpha-Ray will work with coloured or dyed hair with its technology and rays that are fully absorbed.
Yes, it has been shown that Hair Alpha Ray works well with mild and medium cases of Alopecia Androgenetica (AGA) for both female and male pattern baldness.
Yes, the Hair Alpha-Ray works effectively with those on minoxidil to help hair re-growth and stimulation of the hair roots.