"My own hair loss was my motivation"

May 2006
"One day, I woke up in shock. Dozens of strands of hair were scattered on my pillow. My hair loss research began because of my own sudden hair loss concerns." Kim Il Soo (Founder CEO of CELLRETURN). "This company started officially in 2006 when I realised what could be possible with NASA LED Technology. It was for my own hair loss originally but along the way, we found the other uses in health and beauty".
After analyzing herbal ingredients that may be helpful and testing them for years, we learned about the efficacy of near-infrared rays and tried to figure out how to maximize that effect over many years with esteemed dermatologists and scientists.
Then, we started conducting serious research on the principles of near-infrared rays and LED making sure it is both safe and effective.
This research has been the driving force that has made CELLRETURN what it is today.

KIM IL SOO Founder CEO CELLRETURN: Adding Science to Beauty

We realise that true beauty comes from health beneath the surface. CELLRETURN was established to provide healthy beauty that shines every day by restoring your skin's health. It has successfully pioneered the South Korean beauty device market with its LED mask, a new innovation that adds science to beauty. 

After researching the most effective LED wavelengths for skin for over 70,000 hours and conducting numerous human body application tests, we've made waves in the market and received a lot of great feedback. In addition to our award-winning LED masks, we are now actively targeting the global market by introducing our neck care device, "Neckle Ray," and scalp care device, "Hair Alpha Ray." 

Furthermore, last year CELLRETURN acquired Speclipse, a skin cancer diagnosis and analysis technology company and subsequently founded our Medical Science Research Center. We will continue to diversify our business areas and grow as a truly global beauty and healthcare company.

CELLRETURN technology and development

2011-2014 Product philosophy that insists on undeniable effects

After all our work, we released a hair serum and LED mask, but the response from the market was cold. It was difficult for a company that had just taken the first step to start the LED mask market that no one has challenged before. However, the more difficult the situation, the more I thought about my desperate hair loss experience. I focused on the product's effect under the ideology of "insisting on the very best effect" without compromise. As a result, we were able to spread news about CELLRETURN through customer reviews and word-of-mouth without any advertising.

2015-2019 With Endless Challenges and Effort, CELLRETURN sets a New Standard

As more people came to know about CELLRETURN the more we continued our research to bring about more satisfactory effects for our customers without compromise.  CELLRETURN has now laid the foundation to become a leading beauty and healthcare company with 78 design changes, 2 mould breaks, a total of 7 LED masks, and a Hair Alpha Ray upgrade.

Cellreturn Platinum LED Mask

2020 Onwards - Adding Science to Beauty

Becoming a Leader of Medical Equipment Beyond Global No. 1 Beauty & Healthcare

With CELLRETURN's unique technology and pride, we will become a global leader of medical devices, going beyond beauty and healthcare, to realize true beauty and healthier living for humankind. In 2019, we obtained an international standard environment management system ISO 14001 certificate and a quality management system ISO 9001 conversion certificate, and in 2020 we obtained a medical-device manufacturing license.

We also acquired Speclipse, a developer of a medical device capable of skin cancer diagnosis and analysis without tissue damage, based on laser-induced plasma spectroscopy technology and deep learning, and completed the preparation for our entry into the global medical-device market.

As the leading company in global beauty and healthcare and medical devices, CELLRETURN would like to present its unique products.