Research and Development

CELLRETURN is a company with its foundations in science. To this end the organisation has established a dedicated R&D and medical science research centre in South Korea which has already produced several patents. It has provided the basis for the company's range of innovative products, including the Platinum LED Mask and the Hair Alpha-Ray

70,000 hours of research

Unique light control technology

Cellreturn's unique technology resulted in the award of a patent for an LED module that delivers output by promoting only safe and  effective LED wavelengths on the skin.

CELLRETURN 5-step LED Design System

Delivering verifiable effects to customers with finely controlled LED light through the five criteria of the proprietary CELLRETURN LED Design System

01. Material transmittance analysis - Measurement of the degree to which LED light penetrates the material

02. Three-dimensional directivity analysis- Measuring the constant degree of LED wavelength value by angle

03. Wavelength value validation analysis - Skin effective degree measurement

04. Optical efficiency analysis by peak wavelength - Skin effective degree measurement

05. LED module package - Light intensity measurement of each LED module

Byeong-cheol Park, Dermatologist and Advisory Committee Member

Kyungpook National University College of Medicine, Bachelor of Medicine

Chungnam National University College of Medicine/Doctor of Dermatology

Associate Professor, Department of Dermatology, College of Medicine, Dankook University

Researcher in charge of clinical research at Dankook University's Optical and Laser Intermediate Clinical Trial Center

Director of the Basic and Clinical Hair Research Institute, Dankook University

Current Ministry of Food and Drug Safety Newly developed medical device subcommittee expert

Chu Cheol-min, Dermatologist and Advisor

Bachelor of Science and Technology (KAIST)MS in Mechanical Engineering at MIT, USA

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at MIT, USA

Former GE Global Research Center, Lead Engineer

Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Yonsei University

Ho-ju Chung, Dermatologist and Advisory Committee Member

Sungkyunkwan University Doctor of Medicine completion

Samsung Medical Center full-time

Research Director, Innoderm Cosmetics Clinical Research Center

Former Director of Shanghai/Suzhou/Ningbo, Lead Lim Skin Beauty Group, China

Present President of Clean Dermatology Clinic

Seungjun Lee, Biotechnology PhD and Advisory Committee Member

Dankook University, Department of Polymer Engineering

Yonsei University, Department of Chemical Engineering, Master of Engineering

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Ph.D. in Biochemical Engineering

Former Senior Researcher, C-lab, Samsung Electronics Creative Development Center

Present Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Engineering, Seowon University

Current Director, Seowon University Startup Support Center


CELLRETURN is advised by a panel of experts who can present objective and neutral opinions. This is of critical importance as the company grows into a leading global beauty, healthcare and medical device company