Neckle Ray Plus FAQ

Questions and Answers for the new CELLRETURN Neckle Ray Plus

Yes, you can, and each complements the other.
You can choose from the 3 modes; blue mode is best for acne (flare-up), pink mode is great for anti-inflammatory so when skin is sensitive and the red mode is great for scarring as well as rejuvenation. You can alternate between the different modes but we do recommend only 20 minutes a day on the same area.
Yes, some studies have proven the benefits of LEDs Photobiomodulation with thyroid issue. It is best to consult your doctor before use.
Although there are NO side effects, it is best to consult your OBGYN before use.
We are not aware of any side effects but best to consult your doctor before use.
Yes, but do be gentle and start with a shorter duration as skin is thinner and more sensitive with retinol.
Although it is okay to use it on all ages, it is not suitable for those who have difficulty expressing themselves including infants and toddlers.
Each mode is automatically set for 20 minutes and will automatically turn off after 20 minutes. We do recommend using Neckle Ray Plus every day for 20 minutes.
No, the Neckle Ray Plus has a circumference of 37cm, which will fit most. If however you do want a specific size up, please contact us.