Here are some commonly asked questions about the BD2 Sonic Face Cleanser

We do NOT recommend sharing for hygienic reasons.
Please AVOID using clay-based, silicone-based or grainy cleansers, AHA, BHA or scrubs, as they may damage the soft silicone touch-points.
Please wash your BD2 thoroughly with soap and rinse with warm water, the dry with a clean towel or lint-free cloth.
The fine silicone brushes on CELLRETURN’s BD2 measure at 0.8mm, making it suitable for all skin types as most of us have a mixture of skin types and our skin changes with weather and age of course. The silicone is non-toxic, therefore safe to use. Compared to a nylon bristle, the silicone bristle is 35 times more hygienic..
The cleanser body cannot be recycled, therefore dispose of as household waste. The lithium battery inside should be disposed of separately, like any rechargeable device such as a phone or camera.