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Pippa Compares the TOP 6 Most Popular LED Light Masks in The Market

Comparison of the Top 6 Most Popular LED Light Mask in the market

1 month into CELLRETURN Platinum Mask Trial

It’s been wet and grey outside for the past few days, though I now have a radiant smile on my glowy dewy complexion.

I have now tested the CELLRETURN Platinum LED Mask for a month and I am happy to report that I have actually opted to keep the mask and pay for it (discounted rate – staff’s perk). In these 4 weeks, I actually noticed instant skin glow after each use (though I know it is short-lived for few hours), my skin pores are less visible (just after two weeks of use), my skin looks more radiant (even my husband noticed it), no break-outs before my period (for the first time!), lines around the corner of my mouth are less obvious and my pigments have lightened too. All in all, I really feel my skin is much healthier and I am able to walk out bare faced (yes, with no foundation or BB cream) for school runs, to the shops and my zoom meetings!

Though skeptical at first, I am now a convert. I will religiously use my CELLRETURN Platinum LED Mask and it is definitely a SKINvestment for a good skin day every day.

I looked at 6 LED masks in total; CELLRETURN Platinum LED Mask, Déesse Professional LED Mask, MZ Skin Light Therapy Golden Treatment Mask, Dr Dennis Gross SpectraLite FaceWare Pro, CurrentBody Skin LED Face Mask and The Light Salon Boost Advanced LED Light Therapy Face Mask. It is clear that CELLRETURN is the most powerful LED mask globally with 1026 LED lights. Closely comparable is Déesse Professional LED Mask (a favourite of Kim Kardashian and many Hollywood celebrities) which has 770 LED lights. Of all the LED masks, two does not actually have Near Infra Red. This is the NASA-derived technology and CELLRETURN has its own patented safe but effective solution. Though Dr Dennis Gross SpectraLite, CurrentBody Skin LED Face Mask and The Light Salon Boost has the option to purchase an extra neck piece, CELLRETURN Platinum Mask is the only one to offer neck coverage in it's all encompassing futuristic design. This, we love.

I have also put together a comparison chart of the TOP 6 most popular LED Mask in the market. Do look at it and do your own homework before getting one. I hope you find the best one to suit you. CELLRETURN Platinum LED Mask is a SKINvestment but well worth it!


Pippa xx